Top 10 Unique Selling Points of Highline Residences

Highline Residences condo is on the common hub for the investors. Investors are investing the Highline residences because of its market influence. Singapore is a country where local investor tend to invest on the short investment. But Highline Residences investors are across the globe that is why this development is gaining investors all around the world.

World class planers are deciding how each apartment is going to look. The supervisor itself is award winner and the concept was inspired by High Line Park in downtown Manhattan New York. He oversees every apartment as if its own apartment was being made. This is one the reason why this project by Keppel is famous all over the world.

Highline Residences according to stats is very much going to boom in the future. Consider this a secure investment if you are aiming for long term investment. Plus Highline Residence once done will see sufficient increase of the investment around its surrounding areas. That is big for even the new investment.

As being state of the art development it has modern infrastructure. Infrastructure has been playing so important part in Highline residences boosting all around the world. The infrastructure is based on the vast history of Singapore. Which shows the war the efforts of the country. Modernized form of the past infrastructure gathers its own customers.

Highline Residences

The most common problem in a resident area nowadays faces when there are limited form. Means a residence would well designed but they would be only for one person. If designed for a family it would be so limited that they couldn’t store their things. But this residential project is suitable for the single person as well as for the whole family. It is so vast that it looks more than it is.

Highline Residences – The Best City Fringed New Launch

Highline residences is located in the heart of the Singapore. People tend to move around the Singapore a lot due to low fare public transport. So traveling point of view if this new launch was to be in faraway people would have easily traveled there. Plus the surrounding properties of this project has historical value, that plays a special part people tend to visit it often.

The parking space of the Highline residences is so huge. That it can contain half of the cars of the Singapore and still there would be space to store more cars there. People tend to park cars in Highline residences parking area and leave it there for a month due to its high security. A daily check is done on the number of the cars standing in parking area. The current Highline Residences showflat is just situated next to actual site.

Highline Residences condo has so many schools near it. The school are in the surroundings. As mentioned above the land has historical value that teaches students a sense of responsibility for their mother country. Plus Singapore is famous for its educational system. A lot of foreign students join Singapore every year to study further.

Singapore has always been famous for high rents. Highline residences once completed its units will be in high demand, especially the one bedroom as they are no such unit type in the whole Tiong Bahru estate currently.

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