The Interlace Singapore, World Building 2015

Last week was held the World Architecture Festival (WAF) at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore; It is one of the most anticipated of the year and the prizes that are awarded, one of the most valued in the world architecture and design. For three days, the WAF brought together more than two thousand of the world’s most prestigious designers who attended discussions, presentations, and of course, celebrations around the architecture and architects.

During a gala dinner, the WAF announced the winners of the prizes awarded each year; the highest award, World Building of the Year (world building of the year) has been for The Interlace, a residential complex that exposes new concept of vertical village, designed by OMA (Office for Metropolitan Architecture Rem Koolhaas) and the German architect Ole Scheeren (associate of the firm and designer among others from the Museum of art of the L.a. County (LACMA) (, headquarters of CCTV and Cultural Center TVCC in Beijing and the project manager of OMA across Asia and a visiting professor at the University of Hong Kong).

Other notable awards have been the Future Project of the Year (future project) winner: House Vancouver / Canada / BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group; Landscape of the Year (landscape) winner: Yanweizhou Park / China / Turenscape International; Small Project (small project) Prize: Lidingovallen / Sweden / DinellJohansson; AkzoNobel completo Prize for Colour in Exterior Architecture (colorful outdoors): ONS INCEK Showroom & Sales Office / Turkey / Yazgan Design Architecture.

The Interlace (interlaced) is a spectacular and ambitious residential complex located on Alexandra Road Singapore stacking a total of 31 apartments blocks, each with a height of 70 metres in length in hex sets, and 6 apartments generating independent environments around courtyards with parks, swimming pools and leisure spaces, creating an intricate interlacing which perfectly justifies the name of the project. In the words of Paul Finch, director of the WAF “The Iterlace is an example of bold, contemporary architectural thought that provides a new and radical approach to contemporary life in a tropical atmosphere”.

The Interlace responds perfectly to the needs of time and space; instead of placing the blocks in vertical e independent on the soil, which until now was the usual, stacking them on each other creating complex vertical structures which, on the one hand, define particular ground-level spaces while offering spaces filled terraces and gardens in the heights. In only 8 acres of grounds, Ole Scheeren has managed to get 170,000 square meters of living space that includes 1040 apartments of 144 square meters each, 2600 parking spaces underground, 1500 metres for services to the community and a House club, 500 metres for trade retail and 24,000 square meters for common areas parks and gardens. The development of the project has been the responsibility of Builder CapitalLand Singapore.

The Interlace designed by Ole Scheeren generates a wide network of social, collective and private spaces around eight generous courtyards. It’s a radical reinterpretation of contemporary living within a community; designed for urban environments with a high population density The Interlace simply change the default type of housing based on horizontal connectivity. The Interlace offers in addition a set of perspectives, since there are countless points of view changing every step inside the large building and reinvents the concept of living in community offering many more spaces than usual.

Life in The Interlace is articulated around the eight large open courtyards (each of 60 metres in length) that is interconnected by a main pedestrian route and multiple side paths. Variety of areas of activity have been created around each courtyard: a Central Square, Plaza Theatre, water park, clubhouse, rooms, theatre, karaoke, fitness, reading rooms, a swimming pool of 50 m., swimming pools for children and a solarium. Each patio has a suggestive as The Hills, Bamboo Garden, La Cascada, Lotus Pond or Rainforest Spa and provide areas of Sun and shadow, plays to outdoor activities and areas for picnics, swimming pools and landscaped gardens.

Around the entire project are BBQ areas, tennis courts, other sports and Multipurpose; organic gardens, pet areas, jogging path, and spaces for other practices like yoga or tai-chi, all of them connected by paths with central courtyards.

All The Interlace design is intended to take advantage of the energy and natural resources in search of sustainability, respect for the environment and the low impact on the environment. Prior to construction a number of environmental studies were carried out to allow the maximum use of solar, wind and the daytime running light, both in the landscape design of the buildings. For example, although The Interlace only occupies 8 hectares, it has a 112% in green area thanks to the garden terraces which generates the structure of blocks; These zones sources and bodies of water in places have been placed strategically by those who pass the wind corridors, allowing the natural cooling by evaporation to lower the temperature during the summer, recreating areas with microclimates. As a result, the project has been awarded the Universal Design Mark Platinum Award and Green Mark Gold PLUS Award from completo Singapore Building and Construction Authority.

And that is not all: The Interlace is conceived as a universe in itself, in fact has own applications for shopping, interact with the neighbors and even has its own games.

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