What makes Artra perfect for living?

Artra condominium Singapore is one of the most luxurious and amazing housing societies, which is comprised of more than approximately four hundred units, each divided according to the floor level, floor plans and sizes of the apartments. This condominium is being built in the area of almost 90,362 square feet, which makes it large enough to accommodate all the usual and amazing facilities, which should be a part of any luxurious apartment or building. At Artra Condo, the customers are the first priority, therefore, the authorities have made sure to provide every facility to the residents.

The luxurious facilities of ARTRA

No condo or housing societies buy or reserve a separate land for the commercial amenities or facilities, just for the sake of customer’s comfort. The authorities of Artra Condo have certainly made sure that they really do care about the customers and their preferences, as they have reserved an area of 21,528 square feet for building the commercial shops, only for the residents.

Artra Condo is surrounded with multiple amenities such as the best educational institutes, Redhill MRT station, famous shopping centers, reputed restaurants and easily accessible highways and roads. Not only this, there is also a rapid increase in the childcare centres, which are being established near the Arta residences. The establishment of the childcare centres will prove to be really beneficial for the working mothers, who cannot leave their toddlers alone at home.


Moreover, there are many facilities, which are available within the building of Artra Condo and are exclusively available for the residents of the Artra Condo residences. The amazing facilities of the Artra Condo include swimming pools, entertainment and party lounges, clubs, parking lots, efficient security systems, playgrounds for the children, terrace, dining halls, waiting lounge, reception area, BBQ pavilions and a lot more. All of these services will be available for free to all the residents of the Artra Condo. There will be absolutely no restriction on the residents, who have bought a smaller sized apartments because all the services will be available for free.

Easy Access to Retail shops at Artra

The residents will also have access to the fifteen retail shops, which are already surrounding the area of Redhill and there will be no need of personal transports as the Redhill MRT Station is just a two minute walk away from the main location of the residency. The very famous store named as IKEA is also really to the location of ARTRA Condo Singapore, which is very appreciated by the interested buyers as IKEA is one of the favourite stores of the general public. Artra showflat will be opening soon to the public in April 2017. Call now for appointment to see this wonderful project just next to Redhill MRT Station!

The famous tourist attractions such as the Mount Faber Park, Boat Quar and River Valley, Marina Bay and the Botanic Park is easily accessible from the location of the Artra Condo that too via the Redhill MRT Station.

There are over 100 stores of clothes, appliances, food and other things, which are surrounding the area of Redhill, Singapore. All those factors mentioned above, surely prove that the Arta Condo is a perfect residency for living.


Top 10 Unique Selling Points of Highline Residences

Highline Residences condo is on the common hub for the investors. Investors are investing the Highline residences because of its market influence. Singapore is a country where local investor tend to invest on the short investment. But Highline Residences investors are across the globe that is why this development is gaining investors all around the world.

World class planers are deciding how each apartment is going to look. The supervisor itself is award winner and the concept was inspired by High Line Park in downtown Manhattan New York. He oversees every apartment as if its own apartment was being made. This is one the reason why this project by Keppel is famous all over the world.

Highline Residences according to stats is very much going to boom in the future. Consider this a secure investment if you are aiming for long term investment. Plus Highline Residence once done will see sufficient increase of the investment around its surrounding areas. That is big for even the new investment.

As being state of the art development it has modern infrastructure. Infrastructure has been playing so important part in Highline residences boosting all around the world. The infrastructure is based on the vast history of Singapore. Which shows the war the efforts of the country. Modernized form of the past infrastructure gathers its own customers.

Highline Residences

The most common problem in a resident area nowadays faces when there are limited form. Means a residence would well designed but they would be only for one person. If designed for a family it would be so limited that they couldn’t store their things. But this residential project is suitable for the single person as well as for the whole family. It is so vast that it looks more than it is.

Highline Residences – The Best City Fringed New Launch

Highline residences is located in the heart of the Singapore. People tend to move around the Singapore a lot due to low fare public transport. So traveling point of view if this new launch was to be in faraway people would have easily traveled there. Plus the surrounding properties of this project has historical value, that plays a special part people tend to visit it often.

The parking space of the Highline residences is so huge. That it can contain half of the cars of the Singapore and still there would be space to store more cars there. People tend to park cars in Highline residences parking area and leave it there for a month due to its high security. A daily check is done on the number of the cars standing in parking area. The current Highline Residences showflat is just situated next to actual site.

Highline Residences condo has so many schools near it. The school are in the surroundings. As mentioned above the land has historical value that teaches students a sense of responsibility for their mother country. Plus Singapore is famous for its educational system. A lot of foreign students join Singapore every year to study further.

Singapore has always been famous for high rents. Highline residences once completed its units will be in high demand, especially the one bedroom as they are no such unit type in the whole Tiong Bahru estate currently.

Why Alex Residences Condo Is an Investment You Cannot Miss

With such a wonderful site plan Alex Residences Condo is really an opportunity that should not be missed. It has 40 floors with 429 residential units covering the area of 69,981.07 square foot. It has multiple levels of sky terraces that give you an excellent view of Singapore and the availability of luxurious facilities makes it one of a kind condo. The building will be a single tower shaped structure having condo fashion units. Alex Residences Condo is an opportunity that cannot be missed either you are an investor or looking for a luxurious home for your family from one to three bedroom units. So have a look at some amazing facts and decide on your own.

Supermarkets and Groceries Near Alex Residences Condo

There is a Giant Redhill store that offers ample products for your daily use near Alex Residences condo. Tanglin Supermarket is also present at a small distance for your convenience. NTUC fair price is present within the radius of 1 KM to make it really easy for you. These supermarkets are equipped with all the basic as well as luxurious products that you may need. Moreover, experience staff is present to excellent services.

Alex Residences condo

Bus Stops and trains

Tanglin View is within 0.15 KM radius that is the major bus point. Opp tanglin view is also at a stone throw distance to help you in mobility. There are five other bus points within 1 KM radius to provide you with great convenience. Moreover, Redhill MRT station is also not far. These points can be easily reached with 10 to 15 minutes walk. Tiong Bahru is also a society near this condo, Tiong Bahru station is also very close to the place.

Schooling facilities

The schooling facilities near Alex Residences location are present from kindergarten to University level for providing your children with excellent learning opportunities. The local, as well as international schools, are present to help you choose whichever you want for the bright future of your children. Crescent Girls’ school, Henderson Secondary School, Chij St. Theresa’s Convent and Shelton College International and many other such institutes will impart excellent learning to your child, ensuring the best future for the children.

Recent Architecture

The modern architecture is not only up to date with all the quality designs but also exteriorly it is classy. The focus is kept on both the function as well as a form of the building. Every facility is present in this single condo for your ease and providing a more comprehensive place to live. Rooftop pools and sky high terraces are present to enhance your living experience.

Recreations Near Alex Residences Condo

There is a short drive distance to all the major recreational places. You can visit famous places as well as the ones offered by the Alex residences to have a valuable experience. Dining amenities like Anchorage and IKEA Alexandra are situated at close distances. There are many other places with natural beauty to provide a calm and peaceful place.

In regard to all these facilities offered by Alex Residences Condo, it is considered to be an excellent opportunity that should not be missed in any case.

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